Help For Depression

Get Help For Depression & Other Mood Disorders   Dr. Mottley highlights the fact that millions of people around the world are not getting the help they need for depression …

A Beach Experience

    Dr Mottley guides you through a relaxing, energizing, peaceful and rejuvenating experience as you enjoy lying on a Caribbean beach.

Learn To Trust Your Feelings

  In this episode Dr. Marcus Mottley proposes that it is generally accepted that we all develop intuitive feelings very early in life. The problem is, from a very young …

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding trust with someone who has caused you pain and hurt is very difficult. Dr Mottley presents some tips and some cautions on how to do this.

Poor Emotional Health

4 Signs of Poor Emotional Health Podcast Audio Many people don’t pay attention to their emototional health until its almost too late. By then they are suffering from both physical …

Dealing With Guilt

  In today’s podcast I  examine one of the most debilitating emotions that all of us either have experienced or will experience some time in the future. So what is …


Angergy! Recently, several of my coaching clients have had situations where their anger was triggered to the point where it led to them being ineffective in their leadership roles. Most …

10 Steps For EQ Healing

This episode outlines 10 Steps that will help anyone through emotional problems. You will go from emotional negativity to feeling uplifte and positive!   If you have an emotional problem …


Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse leaves little or no visible physical scars and no telltale signs.